If you feel like your business name needs to be treated with the highest level of respect but also allow your company to be viewed socially positive by your staff.
Then the choice is Salacious.

We are able to offer a wide variety of services, including: soft acoustic background music to keep your event chic all the way up to the full 7-piece live band experience to help create a dynamic atmosphere. Each booking of the full band experience will receive a FREE DJ services to play a wide range of music including the crowd favourites. Salacious can also provide an emcee service to help relax the crowd and make them feel comfortable whilst getting producing interaction. Photography can also be provided upon request.

We like to create a happy, dynamic atmosphere bursting with energy which is why Salacious were chosen to perform corporate events for corporate giants Fairfax Media, ANL and Century 21 just to name a few.

Corporate events are held to the highest regard with Salacious. We incorporate a fun/classy atmosphere whilst maintaining the highest regard for your business.

As a business ourselves we understand how important brand name is and we understand that Christmas parties, award ceremonies, mixers and presentations and even themed events differ, this allows us to form the perfect evening for everyone involved.